Word Order in English Sentences: Out Now

word order booksIf you’ve ever wanted to brush up on the basics of fitting a sentence together, my latest grammar guide, Word Order in English Sentences, will help. Updated from one of my earlier works, published on my English learning site, I’ve now made this expanded grammar guide available in electronic and print formats. Though designed as a guide for foreign students of English, it has a practical application for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of how sentences fit together. 

This heavily updated version of Word Order in English Sentences is over twice the size of the original guide – and has been totally rebranded to match the style of The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide. It coves all the basic building blocks of a sentence, for a solid introduction to understanding how words fit together in English, with the usual colourful examples throughout.

The full guide includes:

  • Basic sentence structure
  • Question forms
  • Negative forms
  • Verb phrases
  • Noun phrases
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Sentences with multiple clauses

There are also 16 exciting scrambled sentence exercises for practise. It’s all designed to provide a strong basis for using different sentence components correctly – which is the first step towards understanding how sentences can be perfected and manipulated.

The book is available through my English language learning site, in PDF form, here, or on Kindle or print on Amazon. Please check it out, buy a copy and review it and share it!

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