Author Bio

I am a novelist, a non-fiction author and a screenwriter, with a background working in education and business. I wrote my first full novel at the age of 17 and, after a few months of abortively sending it to agents, decided to write another novel rather than figure out why no one was publishing the first one. I followed a journey that took me through studying History at the University of Nottingham to teaching English to travel the world, and all the while kept writing ambitiously large projects without stopping to find a place for them in the industry.

After stints in Russia, the Middle East, and Czech Republic, I settled in Brighton, UK, where I wrote for a media research company before going freelance and writing and editing for businesses, academics and creatives. Over that period of time, I’ve gradually taken more interest in the creative writing industry, which I’d previously neglected in the rather ignorant pursuit of simply writing for myself.

I embraced the wonders of self-publishing around 2012, after I started experimenting with designing and managing my own websites. I have edited novels and non-fiction work and have so far published two novels, Wixon’s Day and Gun City Bohemian, and two grammar guides, The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide and Word Order in English Sentences. All of these works have been met with positive reviews, and continue to sell in electronic and print formats.

I started writing for the screen in 2009, though took a break from this to pursue other interests. Though I’ve engaged in freelance script-editing over the years, my interest in feature screenplay writing was really reignited after I was approached to read for some festivals and recognised the value of getting more involve din the industry. In 2015 I began entering screenwriting competitions – The Faergrowe Principle, won Silver for Feature Screenplay in the 2015 AURA Screenwriter Awards.