This annotated list provides some of the most popular articles on this site. These relate to creative writing and fiction in general. For articles on writing for businesses, have a look at the archives of my business writing website, Copywrite Now.

Stand-out post-apocalyptic novels – an updated list of my favourite post-apocalyptic novels, with explanations of their virtues.

How to use bridging words effectively – addressing one of the most common areas that leads to fluff in writing.

Common grammar mistakes in screenplay writing – some of the most common simple grammar mistakes I’ve found in editing and reviewing scripts.

Sentence fragments in screenwriting – how the rules of grammar can be bent for an effective script.

Grammar and the art of editing – how a strong understanding of grammar can help improve any writing.

5 tips to help make your writing more interesting

Catch-22 and other phrases – a look at some popular phrases in the English language adopted from vivid stories.

2 books to help you with clear, concise writing – considering The Elements of Style and Writing That Works, to improve your writing.

A time to curse: when is it appropriate to use swearwords in creative writing?

An Ode to the Babushka

Post-apocalyptic book trailer: Wixon’s Day – the YouTube trailer for Wixon’s Day, presented and explained.

How long does it take to write a novel – study of the length of time it takes to write a novel, with some classic examples.

How my favourite authors have influenced my writing

How online serial fiction can take commuters away – a piece about the way the internet is revolutionising serial fiction.

How to write a book: secrets of my style – an explanation of how I’m able to write the books that I do.

Write right: homonyms, homophones, homographs etc. – English language breakdown for a variety of words that sound or are spelt similarly.

Lester Dent’s formula for writing adventure pulp fiction – the pulp fiction master’s simple point plan for good adventure writing.

Round up of letters of correspondence – some of my favourite ridiculous letters gathered from the internet.

Sickness and sin in the Middle Ages: revisiting old writing – a study of my university research into medicine and heresy in Medieval Europe.

The art of novel titles – what makes a novel title great, or terrible, with some striking examples.

What a professional book editor does for writing – some points as to why a paid book editor is essential for independent authors.

What Kurt Vonnegut taught me about writing dialogue – the lessons I learnt from the late great Vonnegut and his simple dialogue style.

21 alternative verbs for speech – a little vocab-building article

Why we love the apocalypse in fiction – some pointers about what makes the apocalypse such an interesting genre for entertainment.

Why you should read Riddley Walker by Russel Hoban – a review of the fantastic post-apocalyptic novel and how it stands above the rest.

Wixon’s Day novel extract – The World as I Understand It – a standalone chapter from Wixon’s Day, introducing the world of Estalia.

World War 2 Prisoner of War Notes – original material from advice booklets given to WW2 prisoners of war.