I write and self-publish novels, non-fiction guides to English and screenplays. These are available in both digital and print formats. Below are my books that are currently available.

Books Available Now

Book cover for post-apocalyptic steampunk adventure novel Wixon's Day. Wixon’s Day is a slow-burning post-apocalyptic/dystopian adventure, described by one reviewer as “Mad Max on a canal boat”. It postures over philosophies of war, anarchy and self-preservation, as the drifting protagonist is drawn into a rebellion that threatens to shock his anarchistic wasteland. Available in print and eBook formats. Find more information, and popular reviews, here.

urban fantasy novel

Gun City Bohemian is a surrealist novel following a romance between two students, one a nurse and the other a historian with hidden artistic talent. As their relationship blossoms the novel twists from a light-hearted romance to a fantastical horror – theirs is a path that could unleash hell. Available now from Amazon in print and eBook formats.

english grammar

The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide is a self-study and reference book focusing on the 12 aspects of English; present, past and future in the simple, continuous and perfect forms. Designed to help foreign learners gain a complete, flexible understanding of some of the most fundamental principles of English, this is an advanced guide that is easy to follow, with colourful examples and illustrations. Available in print and eBook formats.

word order books

Word Order in English Sentences is a grammar guide that gives a strong introduction to the different building blocks of English sentences, exploring how they fit together and the different positions they can adopt. Providing foreign learners and English natives alike the means to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct the English language. Available in print and eBook formats.


Upcoming Books

The following are some of my completed novels that I am continuing to edit.

Seasons of the Given Lands – Harry Keller accidentally embarks on a seven-year journey that takes him from being a mild office worker to the most famous hero/villain when he crosses over into a fantasy world filled with adventurers, warring tribes and unthinkable monsters.

Death in Limbo – four contemporary assassins are thrust into an increasingly surreal nightmare when they become trapped in a desert town with a target protected by a supernatural force.

The Killers in the Clouds – three stories of adventure become interwoven as a bank robber, a vengeful hired gun and a kidnapped young lady square off against a soulless corporation and the otherworldly secret it has unleashed.

Unread – in the sequel to Wixon’s Day, a plucky young labourer finds himself pitted against the full force of the Border Guard in an adventure that exposes him to the hidden dangers of the Metropolis.

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