Wixon’s Day

Book cover for post-apocalyptic steampunk adventure novel Wixon's Day.

An original post-apocalyptic novel from Sussex-based author Phil Williams. Available now from Amazon in print and digital download, internationally. Also now available from Smashwords.

What people are saying about Wixon’s Day:

“…vivid, engaging, and it stayed with me long after I finished the final page…an intricate, imaginative world. He has a descriptive style, but never resorts to cliché…definitely an author to keep an eye on.” – JonnyB, Amazon review.

“If you imagine Mad Max on a canal boat then you wouldn’t be too far from the post apocalyptic adventure that is Wixon’s Day…[Marquos] is unlike the two dimensional, craggy faced hero that normally populates this kind of story; he has been given an emotional depth that is perhaps all too human…a good light read and a bargain for the price. I for one am very much looking forward to reading his next piece of work.” – Matt B, Amazon reader review.

“The biggest pro is the immersion into this misty steampunk future world, where the characters and setting are very fully realized and you could swear you’re in the thick of it.” – Brent J. Meskeauthor of the Garrett Ross series.

“The mood set by the author is just epic. It was almost a surreal feeling to read a book like this and I am finding it hard to put into words just how strange and awesome this journey was. If you are looking for action from the very go get, then this book will not provide that, however, what is does give the reader is something so much richer.”  –Rachel Tsoumbakos, author of Emeline and the Mutants and The Ring of Lost Souls. Read more of her review here.

“For those who enjoy a lot of philosophising about war and injustice and the meaning of life in a bleak steampunkish setting with plenty of high-casualty battles and explosions, this is the book for you…certainly an interesting tale, unusual and completely unpredictable.” – Pauline M RossFantasy Review Barn

“…you’ll probably be too busy enjoying the ride to care which category you will find it under at Amazon. The novel is well-written, the language easy on the eye and paced rather nicely… a setting that will satisfy most genre readers.” – M.G. MasonSweat, Tears and Digital Ink

“…an atmospheric setting, and a compelling narrative with well-created characters. Worth reading.” – Simon QuindlagAmazon reader review.

“He’s created a totally believable world that you get lost in. “The cat can write,” I told my mum.”  – Chrisin an Amazon review.


Wixon’s Day follows Marquos, a drifting scavenger, as he listlessly navigates the waterways of the dystopia Estalia. Travelling North, he encounters escaped rebels, maniacal imperial guards and vicious cannibals, in a devastated world that’s lost its way.

Cloud-covered Estalia is the last bastion in a freezing world. Under the anarchical rule of the Guards, the population keep to themselves, ignorant of their own history or the greater politics of the time. Marquos, determined to find something more from the world, travels to the Deadland, where it is said the mountains flow with lava and the sky is clear. He hopes to map this inhospitable land, so that he might make amends for his run in with the Mind Guard and return to the Metropolis a hero.

Marquos finds his drifting lifestyle challenged when the dual influences of a kidnapped child and a group of escaped convicts draw him into a war he never realised existed. His journey veers towards one of discover, uncovering terrible secrets about the history of Estalia and the events that led to its ultimate decay.

Wixon’s Day is my debut novel release, a brooding steam-punk adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world populated by unique characters and their abstract war machines. It’s available from Amazon in both print and eBook form.