An exercise in turning off lights and closing curtains
(thanks Jury’s Inn)

jurys in letter of complaintFortunate as I am to live across from the road from Brighton train station, I am alarmingly close to a large Jury’s Inn hotel. In recent times, a new mattress purchase and an inability to remove my old bed have left me lying in front of my window at night, which drew my attention to how many lights the Jury’s Inn leaves on overnight, for seemingly no reason. Determined to get to the bottom of this, I drafted a few letters to them. I am happy to say the lights are now generally switched off at night, or the curtains are, at least, drawn. Here’s how it went down: Continue reading

A letter about peanut butter ice cream…

Ben and Jerrys peanut butter ice cream, complaint letter

Just another letter of complaint.

Dear Ben and Jerry’s,

You’ve let me down.

I like peanut butter. In my time, I’ve mixed peanut butter with every ingredient imaginable  to ensure that I have it as frequently as possible. Imagine how I must have felt – what could be more rewarding – when I discovered an ice cream treat that combined various triumphant ingredients with peanut butter at its base. Continue reading

Round up of letters of correspondence

one of Robin Cooper's timewasters lettersReeling from uploading my old letters of complaint, I decided to round up some other exceptional examples of letters of correspondence. Because people who put in the time and dedication to keep the written word alive, even in the most mundane scenarios, deserve to be celebrated. Especially in mundane scenarios, in fact. I’d have posted a bunch of examples here myself, but the internet has already diligently done that for me, so instead I’ve just got a list of some links to waste the day away. There’s a formidable amount of content here, follow the links at your own risk.

Continue reading

How to write a letter of complaint

angry letter, letter of complaint, typing, aggressiveDear HTC,

I originally wrote this letter some months ago, whilst waiting for my phone to be returned. Imagining at the time that I would buy a new phone, I wished to express my discontent with your repairs. However, you pre-empted me by sending me a new phone before I got the chance to complain (sly move, HTC), and the letter was never sent.

Then I got a phonecall this morning asking me to answer a survey about how satisfied I was with the repair. As the young lady didn’t seem to realise my phone was replaced and never repaired, and I only got the chance to answer in choices between 1 and 5, I thought it best that I send you the full story after all. So if you will indulge me for a moment, I think your company could learn a few things from the harrowing road I have taken to get here. Continue reading