House of Tragic She – madness in performance art

house of tragic sheThe Six Lips Theatre troupe returned to Brighton this Fringe with their latest offering, The House Of Tragic She. I was eager to catch up with their work after last year’s grandly gothic Poe, and this latest adaptation promised an even deeper visual representation of the madness that seeps out of literature and art. Described as an ongoing research project presenting the constant reinterpretations of loneliness and insanity over the last few centuries, in literature, film and art, the group set a high bar for this hour-long performance. And, to my satisfaction, they were more than up to the task. Continue reading

Entertaining Mr Sloane – at Brighton’s Emporium

entertaining mr sloaneIt’s been fifty years since Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr Sloane graced stages in London (May, 1964).  The black comedy was a controversial satire with a strong ability to shock back then – and still is now. And the Emporium, one of Brighton’s more eclectic theatres (and in a town like this, that’s saying something) is putting on a run of the show as a testament to the timeless success of its themes. It’s a simple but intense story of four individuals in one apartment; spiralling around a strangely alluring young man, his seductive landlady, and her controlling brother. Continue reading

Andrew and the Pony: comedy review

andrew and the pony, comedy review

Andrew and the Pony is not your comedy act. I wasn’t sure what it was going in myself, having attended on a stranger’s Twitter invite (such is the power of Twitter), though the strangely deformed poster (left) should probably be given a few clues to its surreal nature.

It is, in short, a pony-obsessed narrative. A recounting of a man’s life through the many references in it to his love for small horses. It’s a multimedia escapade, in case an hour of pony-talk sounds too intense, with some emotively absurd music and chilling video scenes thrown in for good measure (though to go into much more detail might spoil it). Continue reading

Poe by Six Lips Theatre: an atmospheric triumph

Theatre play review poe I was invited to attend Six Lips Theatre‘s play Poe as part of the Brighton Fringe – a production I was happy to attend given my admiration for Edgar Allen Poe’s grim writing. And I’m happy to report I was pleased with the result. A small team of young talent, the theatre group of six trekked down from York to perform their original play in the fitting location of St Andrew’s church. They shone in both the design and the execution of play, fully realising the unique atmosphere of Poe’s writing.
Continue reading