Experience the Post-Apocalypse This Christmas

post apocalypse christmas ebookLooking for something different to read this Christmas period? Then get ready for A Most Apocalyptic Christmas – a post-apocalyptic novella in eBook format, available from December 8th. Based in the same dystopian world of The Faergrowe Principle, it’s a short, sharp adventure in the pulp-fiction style. And, because there’s already enough suffering in the world right now, I’m giving it away for free to my subscribers.

A Most Apocalyptic Christmas

On the night before Christmas, a busload of passengers is ambushed halfway between the Pitts and New Oak City. Stranded in the wastelands and beset by bandits, their only hope for survival is the crude, violent-minded Scullion – and all he wants is to get back to his local bar for a drink.

Weighed down by this group of innocents, the ambush is just the beginning of Scullion’s problems, as his journey home brings him face to face with the Court of Chrimbo. He soon discovers that those who have not preserved the true spirit of the holiday are doomed to face a brutal and utterly distorted version of it.

This is a wild ride through one mad night, with an irreverent narrator at the helm and a series of eccentric encounters on the horizon. For Scullion, ever step brings him closer to confirming his philosophy that only people with good lives have good Christmases – but for a man who lives to fight and dreams only of getting drunk, perhaps there’s still hope.

It’s a Christmas you’re not likely to forget.

The novella will be available in electronic format from December 8th – with early previews available through the mailing list. If you want to experience Christmas from a totally different perspective, sign up below and get ready for the mayhem!

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