Other writing

Beyond novels and screenplays, and my business writing, I also work on shorter creative projects, editing assignments and my own web design and artwork (as seen around this website). Here is a selection of some of my other projects.

Of Goats and Gigabytes: A short story about a man who believes he can absorb all the information of Wikipedia, with horrific results. Told from a goat’s perspective. This will soon be made into a short animated film. You can read the whole story online, here.

Cover for serial fiction, wasteland, zombies, jukepop serials. Serial fiction
: I’ve recently started writing online serials, the first of which is available at Jukepop Serials.

For a little background on serial fiction in general, and why you should be reading it, check out my blog post here.

Learn more about Pilgrimage of the Damned here.



Non-fiction: As a business writer and coming from an academic background as a historian I am sometimes prone to writing on more serious topics such as medieval and Victorian literature, travel, and letters of complaint. And marketing. You can find some of my academic essays here.

Here is my Ode to the Babushka, an account written whilst I lived in Russia.

Letters of Complaint: a small selection of creative letters I have sent to companies of a number of years.

My Copywriting website contains a lot of writing geared more towards business and marketing:

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