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Sickness and Sin in the Middle Ages

Draining a bit of blood to relieve a patient of sickness and sin.A survey of various illnesses in medieval England and the attitudes towards them, explored in literature of the time. This essay compares the treatment of the sick to the attitudes towards heretics in the Middle Ages, discussing the hypothesis that heretics were ostracised as though they were diseased.

For a bit of background to this essay, and why I dug it up again, check out my blog article on it.

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Extreme Virtue and Horrible Vice: Sir Richard F. Burton and Orientalism

Sir Richard F. Burton, adventurer, linguist, spy, geographer and all.An extensive study of the writing of the 19th Century explorer Sir Richard F. Burton, in the context of Edward Said’s Orientalism debate. Burton wrote many controversial texts that were made possible by the Victorians’ negative attitudes to Eastern cultures. This essay goes into detail that shows how Burton really pushed the boundaries of Victorian censorship with academic texts that were full of sexual and violent references that might have got other writers imprisoned.

Reading this essay will give you a world-class understanding of Sir Richard F. Burton and his writing, the scholarly work that surrounds him and the society that he operated in. Learn more about one of the major works studied, One Thousand and One Nights, in my blog here.

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