Pilgrimage of the Damned

serial fiction, wasteland, zombies, jukepop serialsPost-apocalypse or the afterlife? You decide…

Pilgrimage of the Damned is an online serial available to read for free on Jukepop Serials. Written by Phil Williams, with cover-art by Shan Hon.

Burton, noble but crazy, wakes from a coma and sets out on a mission to cross a wasteland populated by lost souls trying to rebuild civilisation. They are all clinging to a lost past; he is looking to a future of salvation. The problem, as he sees it, is that they think they are still alive, and he knows that they are all already dead.

Awoken in the house of a Muslim carer, he acknowledges a sign from Allah that he must reach Mecca, to complete a pilgrimage that will deliver him from purgatory to Heaven. The infected people he meets along the way are demons trying to drag him to Hell. The other survivors, lost souls he must try to save.

Amongst the lost souls he encounters is Vita, his erstwhile partner on the journey. A young lady who escaped an overrun estate in London, Vita is every bit as cynical as Burton is deluded. Yet she sees something worthwhile in Burton’s quest for salvation, and cannot help but be join him in the mad ride. In order to get there they must face a population driven feral by unknown means, and the equally dangerous survivors who have kept their senses. And as Burton ventures towards the Cradle of Civilisation, the truth of their situation gradually emerges…

You can read the serial here. Please comment on it and vote for it to get involved in the ongoing process!

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