Robert Bentham’s Writing

Young Robert Bentham, geologist, Arctic explorer. A moderately famous geologist in his time, Robert Bentham was part of Edward Shackleton’s (the younger) expedition to Greenland, and later made a few less publicised voyages back up there. He lived in the polar regions for years at a time, mapping the area and doing scientific experiments. In later life he also fought in North Africa during World War 2, researched oil prospects in Burma, and raised a family that ultimately led to the spawning of me.

My granddad did a lot of scientific writing and a little narrative writing, but very little of it was published. Fortunately, we’ve got trunks full of his old material. Whilst a lot of his pictures and journals are now archived in the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, I managed to sift my way through this horde we still have:

Trunk of old stuff.


Amongst it, I found a few of his old unpublished manuscripts that were worth recreating (as well as one or two other things). Below are the texts that I have so far managed to upload:

 Two Years in an Arctic Police Post

 Northern Hunters

Abbott Memorial Lecture (The Greenland Eskimo)

 Notes on the Building of Igloos

His generation were likely the last to live in times where such adventurous exploration was possible. His accounts talk of periods where science was done at a genuine risk, and years of a researcher’s life could be spent removed from civilisation.