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one of Robin Cooper's timewasters lettersReeling from uploading my old letters of complaint, I decided to round up some other exceptional examples of letters of correspondence. Because people who put in the time and dedication to keep the written word alive, even in the most mundane scenarios, deserve to be celebrated. Especially in mundane scenarios, in fact. I’d have posted a bunch of examples here myself, but the internet has already diligently done that for me, so instead I’ve just got a list of some links to waste the day away. There’s a formidable amount of content here, follow the links at your own risk.

1. Letters of Complaint

I uploaded my own fiasco with HTC recently, but as an epic saga of problems it is no doubt too long for most to trudge through. My other letters, now available on this site, are somewhat shorter and more dramatic. But there’s plenty of people out there doing far more than I am to keep the complaining going. Dear Customer Relations has  a massive archive of people’s over-the-top complaints, but if you’re after the best check this list. It includes the viral success that was the Virgin Atlantic complaint – if you’ve not read it you must, and if you’ve already read it, read it again. And if you enjoyed that, move on to the rest of the list.

2. Timewasting Letters

Robin Cooper’s The Timewaster’s Letters is a brilliant anthology of his bumbling attempts to engage with people through written form. The ideas are absurd and brilliant, it’s essential reading (as is the sequel). Go here for some examples and a very comprehensive review.

Probably more famous now is David Thorne’s collection of more antagonistic letters, also available in print. For more immediate gratification, and to end  your day’s productivity, trawl through the archive of letters on his site.

3. Employment letters

There’s a ton of cover letters and resignation letters on the internet (do a quick Google search and you’ll be inundated), so I’ll only offer a couple here. The responses are more amusing to me, though – being familiar with letters of rejection, I think it would have eased the blow to receive any of these collected responses instead of a standard form.

4. Other notes and letters

Because absurd writing can be used for anything. From a president reassuring a young child to a thief leaving an encouraging note behind. Go here for a brief list of various other amusing letters and notes, and if you’re not satisfied try out Funny or Die’s list of letters. And when you’ve done all that, spend the rest of your day reading the masterpieces of literature that passive aggressive types like to leave, at the great archive that is

Got any more for me? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Ha, I wish I had some from back when it happened. Sadly it was back before the days of good camera phones – I think I took a photo with mine that basically looked like a brown blur.

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