As a screenplay writer, editor and reader, as well as an English language obsessive, I’ve developed a lot of ideas about the art of screenwriting. Below are the most popular articles on this site relating to writing for film.

Common grammar mistakes in screenplay writing – covering the most common grammatical errors, or considerations, that have struck me when reading others’ scripts.

Writing characters in screeplays – using the character-sheet from “The Thing” as an example of excellent character intro writing.

Sentence fragments in screenwriting – how typical grammar is made flexible for effective screenwriting.

Grammar and the art of editing – how a strong understanding of grammar can help improve any writing.

Cutting out words to improve a summary – a look at the overly long summary of Mad Max: Fury Road, and how it could have been more exciting if it were shorter.

How not to write movie dialogue – a very short scene that exposes some fundamental flaws to avoid when writing a conversation. Follow it up with another example here.