Penguins and Seahorses

A family fantasy adventure of one man’s pursuit of his kidnapped children. In this action-packed tale of good versus evil, Diz Barton, a hapless single-father, stumbles into the Minotaur Islands and must become a champion of the myriad creatures to bring his children home.

A dark shadow has fallen on the Minotaur Islands in the form of the  Crytlers, an evil species that have corrupted the minotaur king ear and encourage monthly sacrifices to maintain his power. In the course of Diz’s quest, he must restore balance to the Minotaur Islands, awakening the golem guardians, and negotiating an awkward relationship with his daughter’s prized toy, Ted Ted.

The story is teeming with colourful characters, as Viala the jungle girl, Rufaizu the swash-buckling penguin prince, and a band of mercenary fairies come to Diz’s aid. They must tackle the barbaric minotaur king Agnarox, his wicked henchmen the witch Nanny and the general  Rukus.

Penguins and Seahorses was first drafted in 2010, though after securing a production team, including director, production stalled in 2012.

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