The Faergrowe Principle

The Faergrowe Principle is a dystopian/sci-fi thriller feature screenplay, written mid-2015. Set in a post-war world that has left people struggling for food, it follows jaded scientist Allison Heartridge as she attempts to track down a friend who once helped her develop a sustainable energy supply. Enlisting a battle-weary mercenary, she traces her friend’s disappearance into the Church of the Ascension, a journey that takes her out of the safety of New Oak City into the chaotic wastelands of Matterfoss. As she gets closer to discovering what happened to her friend, she reveals unsettling truths about the leader of the free world, their mutual ex-lover, Laine Faergrowe.

This screenplay charts a gritty future, questioning what happens in the aftermath of a global war, in a world devoid of hope. The super-powers that fought the war did enough to effectively damn themselves, leaving in their wake a world of individuals who know nothing but fighting, struggling to survive. The rich backstory came from an unpublished novel I wrote a few years ago, set years before the events of this feature.

The Faergrowe Principle won the Silver Award for Feature Film Screenplay in the 2015 AURA Screenwriting Awards and was a Quarter Finalist for Shore Scripts 2016.