Immense, artistic and exciting – American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods book review

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is a truly immense work of art. Like all of Gaiman’s writing, it feels like more than a simple fictional yarn. It feels like the story itself has history, and it’s difficult to see where real life (in this case, American locations and popular mythologies) stop and the make-belief begins. He has a unique talent for weaving his own creative ideas together with lasting traditional tales, making the craziest stories come to life. It’s something he continued to do well in Anansi Boys, but I’m glad I read that, the vague sequel to American Gods, ¬†first – because American Gods would’ve set the standard too high to follow. Continue reading

How my favourite authors have influenced my writing

Favourite author Joseph Heller, inspired my writing.It struck me, as I was tossing from side to side struggling to sleep after eating an ill-advised spicy burrito, that my favourite authors have a lot to answer for in the way I’ve developed my writing style. Feverishly confused about why I wasn’t sleeping, I startled to rattle off single sentences that summarised exactly what I felt I’d got from reading the works of those marvellous writers. Not the specific points of English you could learn in style guides, but the special inspiration that only a successful demonstration can drive home. And, lo, here’s the result of that sleep-deprived thought process: Continue reading