How to write a book: secrets of my style

How to write a novel, writer, typing away.“How do you do write so many books?” I’m often asked, over the tip of a wine glass at a high-grade business event. Or “How do you write so fast?” Whatever my answer, the response is usually “Oh I wish I could write a book,” without much care for what I actually say. So my usual response is “I don’t know. It just happens.” But that’s actually a carefully engineered lie to avoid an extensive explanation that people at high-grade business events don’t really want to hear. In fact, I do know how to write a book. It’s a delicate and complicated process that I make look easy. Because I did the hard work a long, long time ago. Continue reading

How long does it take to write a novel?

dostoevsky, novel, film, how long does it take to write a novel,I’m so used to this question by now that I usually just reply ‘About four weeks.’ Because that is the simple answer. I can look at the average amount of time a first draft takes, and that is, for me,  how long it takes to write a novel. But there is a much more complicated answer, because the question is in fact not how long does it take to write a novel, but how long does it take to finish one. And that is where the real variety seeps in. Continue reading