Why Hugh Howey’s Wool is a doubly inspiring novel

Wool hugh howey, a book review

Hugh Howey‘s Wool has been knocking around for a few years, as shorter novels and in omnibus form. It’s as accomplished and affecting a story as any on my post-apocalyptic novels list. As a self-published novel it’s a marvel of independent success from a highly respectable author. Both are stories worth telling, so for this novel I’m not just going to talk about how good the book is – I also want to talk about what the book represents for the self-published author. Continue reading

How long does it take to write a novel?

dostoevsky, novel, film, how long does it take to write a novel,I’m so used to this question by now that I usually just reply ‘About four weeks.’ Because that is the simple answer. I can look at the average amount of time a first draft takes, and that is, for me,  how long it takes to write a novel. But there is a much more complicated answer, because the question is in fact not how long does it take to write a novel, but how long does it take to finish one. And that is where the real variety seeps in. Continue reading