New Author Website – Including a Free Book

author websiteI’m happy to announce the launch of my new author website, at It’s a project I’ve been working on for the past month or so, putting all my novels in one place with a dedicated mailing list. Sign up there and you can receive a free copy of A Most Apocalyptic Christmas, my madcap dystopian adventure. Subscribers will also be the first to hear of (and receive) two new novellas I’ve got in the mix. Continue reading

Stories of Hynpagogia and Dreamlike Hallucinations

examples of hypnagogiaI woke up in the middle of the night and saw this massive spider on the wall, about six inches across the legs and a sort of pale grey in colour. I reached for my glasses, but then it was gone. My first instinct was that as I hadn’t kept in sight it had escaped into the shadows, jumped to the floor, gone where that I couldn’t find it. Now I was doomed to lie awake with the knowledge that a monstrously big spider was somewhere in the room. My second instinct, a moment later, was that this was another hypnagogic hallucination, that spiders that big did not exit (at least not around here), and it was just a trick of the mind. With that in mind, I proceeded to get up and search the room, just to be sure. Continue reading

Enter the gyrocopter: a post-apocalyptic steampunk novel extract

gyrocopter novel extractAnother writing extract from my post-apocalyptic steampunk novel, Wixon’s Day, this passage sees the introduction of the iconic wasteland machine, the gyrocopter. Marquos and his group are resting in the Hypnagogia canal boat when the military catch up to them. This is the tipping point of the novel; from the introduction of the gyropcopter captain onwards, their ambling journey turns into a fast-paced adventure: Continue reading

Post-apocalyptic book trailer: Wixon’s Day

book trailerFlexing my video-editing muscles, which lie dormant too often, I’ve put together a book trailer for my novel Wixon’s Day. Rather than just post the video, I thought I’d write a little bit about the making of this trailer. Partly because it might prove informative, but mostly because I can’t resist filling blog posts with writing. For those just wanting the trailer, here it is in full:
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101 reasons why you should buy my novel

post-apocalypse, reasons to buy, list, why readMaybe you love post-apocalyptic novels, and enjoy reading about wasteland adventures. Maybe you hate books and think all words should be burnt and the people who write them should be fed to pigs. Whatever your disposition, there is still a reason for you to buy my novel, you just have to find it. In an attempt to discover that one all-important reason that speaks directly to you, I’ve made a list of 101 possible reasons that you should buy my novel. There are bound to be more, so feel free to add to the list in the comments below.

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Wixon’s Day novel extract: The world as I understand it

Wixon's Day novel, a post-apocalyptic steampunk adventure.The following is a novel extract from Wixon’s Day (available now from Amazon). It is a standalone chapter, written from the perspective of the main character, the boat pilot Marquos. He gives a detailed account of the world he has experienced. The chapter comes as an Appendix in the book, which can be read at any time before, after or during the story to provide background information (and some geographical bearing for Estalia, his world). All the physical locations and features he speaks of relate to the UK and its surrounding area, though the people of Estalia know nothing of the UK’s history, and have never effectively mapped it.

You can read it here in advance of the novel, to get an understanding of the world Wixon’s Day is set in and some of the trials that Marquos has already faced. Continue reading