Wixon’s day: alternative cover

post-apocalypse novel dystopia coverA Wixon’s Day reader just contacted me to offer an alternative cover design for my post-apocalyptic adventure novel. And I like it.

Pretty much the inverse of the original cover, it’s certainly got the dreary brood of the novel down. And another fine representation of the protagonist’s boat, The Hypnagogia.

Brent Meske is an author a number of books available free on Smashwords, and has recently started his own cover design business (see his site here), so it’s an honour to have him produce an alternative for my book. He’s got some excellent stories on his page that I encourage you to read (reviews upcoming here soon).

He’s done four designs in total, here are the other versions with different effects/tints:

dystopia novel

steampunk novel


And finally, my personal favourite:

post apocalyptic novel

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